Live Coaching: Just one session by Helen Amery

Live Coaching: Just one session

Sometimes we just want a taster of the work.
Sometimes we just want one conversation to course-correct.
Sometimes we just want some space to download and process with someone who can listen and guide us to a clearer mind
This is for that.

This is perfect for you if

  • You're interested in this work but you don't want to invest in a whole programme yet.
  • You've already had some coaching with me and you just want a course-correcting boost.
  • You have alot going on and all you need is some space to talk - 100% on your agenda to offload, process and gain clarity.

Find out more

This video tells you about the work I do and the people I tend to work with.

What others say...

I have a much calmer and understood mind than I did when I started and have found myself much better able to deal with different situations, especially given everything that has been going on over the last few months.
Lucy, Finance Manager
Since having met Helen I’ve found myself more aware, calmer and naturally letting go of control.
Andy, Executive Team Coach
I realise now that so many of my thoughts and so much of my time was spent processing and trying to fix or alter situations where, through working with Helen, I am starting to realise that this is not required.
Russell, Senior Business Development Manager

How do I book?

Click the 'buy' button at the top and it will take you through the payment process.

Then you'll get an email to confirm everything including how to book a time and date in my diary.

If for any reason money seems a barrier to progressing, please book a call so we can talk. The programme is priced to reflect the impact it has in your life - and at the same time I don't want that to prevent you accessing the work. Lord knows we need more people in the world who are reconnected to their brilliance! By talking - and if the work seems a good fit - we can find a creative solution (content, price or payment structure) that works for both of us.

I look forward to working with you!