Live Coaching: 4 Month One-to-One Insight Programme by Helen Amery

Live Coaching: 4 Month One-to-One Insight Programme

Reconnecting you to innate brilliance.
Feeling disillusioned with how things are is the beginning of realising there's another way. 
A better way.

I'm so glad you're here

I created this one to one coaching programme to help people like you realise that brilliance is already here - you've just been taught to look in the wrong place to find it.

If you’ve always wanted to…

  • feel happier
  • more secure
  • have a quieter mind
…then this is for you!

In this 16 week program, I’ve included everything to help you uncover these experiences for yourself. Through this work you:

  • Understand your psychological system
  • See how you're unwittingly working against the natural flow of the design
  • See how you can work in alignment with it
  • Gain insights about how this is playing out in your life
  • Notice how life gets easier, naturally

Success stories

“Before I worked with Helen I constantly felt under pressure, work was “challenging” and I was too in the detail, it was constantly “easier to get the job done myself”.  
Now life is easier; comfortable, more enjoyable, way more interesting because I am generally more curious. I feel more focused; my mind is less noisy so I’m less frustrated which provides a greater clarity of thought and a more collaborative decision-making process. Time with family is now quality time.” 
Sonia, Sales Director, Outdoor Brands
“I’d tried tools before. They hadn’t worked long term and took such effort. This has been about all of me and my life so has impacted so many areas from personal to work relationships as well as my effectiveness in my job.” 
Kelly, Head of Marketing, Online Retail
"I used to get caught up in a lot of things that really didn’t matter and this could easily spiral. Working with Helen helped me see how the mind works but in a way which was focused on understanding through discussions and experience rather than  working through theories.
When we looked back over the work we had done together I was amazed how far I’d come and the difference in perspective I was experiencing.  
I recommend working with Helen to anyone that's looking for a practical way to understand yourself and your mind, in a very friendly environment."
Lucy, Finance Manager, NHS

How will it work?

Before we start you complete an online survey of your experience of life right now which provides insights for our first session.

Then we have 12 weeks' coaching: four weeks of weekly coaching followed by four fortnightly sessions.

At week 16 you repeat the online survey of life right now and we review that, bringing together all the changes you've experienced.

You get a tailored service:

  • Learning resources relevant to your needs and our conversations
  • In-the-moment support when realisations and questions arise between sessions. 

If for any reason money seems a barrier to progressing, please book a call so we can talk. The programme is priced to reflect the impact it has in your life - and at the same time I don't want that to prevent you accessing the work. Lord knows we need more people in the world who are reconnected to their brilliance! By talking - and if the work seems a good fit - we can find a creative solution (content, price or payment structure) that works for both of us.

Before you book

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