Live Coaching: 4 Day Online Immersion by Helen Amery

Live Coaching: 4 Day Online Immersion

Reconnecting you to innate brilliance.
Achieve in 4 days what could otherwise take 12 months.
Feeling disillusioned with how things are is the beginning of realising there's another way.  A better way.
Come join me to explore.

Perfect for you if you:

  • Think life should be easier by now
  • Have climbed the ladder, increased your wealth and yet you still feel insecure
  • Have done lots of personal or leadership development and yet you still keep hitting the same blocks
The good news is that the only reason you’ve not nailed this thing called life is because you’ve been told to look in the wrong place for the key.

Focused on you and where you are, we explore what’s going on in your current experience of life so that you leave with a fresh perspective and clarity about who you are and how to move forward.

Over the course of four days we dive into rich and deep conversations that enable sustained shifts in your level of consciousness - which is the only place where real change happens.

An immersion programme like this enables significant change in minimal time, achieving in a few days what could otherwise take a year.

I created these immersions for people like you who know that more is available than how things are now. People who don't want to hang around in seeing the benefits in their own lives. 

What's in it for you?

A re-balance and a re-connect.

In the busy-ness of life we get lost in the day-to-day of work and home and forget who we really are.

These four days are a luxurious immersion back into you. The price tag reflects the big changes you make in a short space of time.

You get:
  • A clear and quiet mind
  • The happiness and sense of balance and security you've been wanting
  • The compassion and curiosity needed to revolutionise your relationships

Success stories

“Before I worked with Helen I constantly felt under pressure, work was “challenging” and I was too in the detail, it was constantly “easier to get the job done myself”.  
Now life is easier; comfortable, more enjoyable, way more interesting because I am generally more curious. I feel more focused; my mind is less noisy so I’m less frustrated which provides a greater clarity of thought and a more collaborative decision-making process. Time with family is now quality time.” 
Sonia, Sales Director, Outdoor Brands
“I’d tried tools before. They hadn’t worked long term and took such effort. This has been about all of me and my life so has impacted so many areas from personal to work relationships as well as my effectiveness in my job.” 
Kelly, Head of Marketing, Online Retail
"I realise now that so many of my thoughts and so much time time was spent processing and trying to fix or alter situations. Through working with Helen, I realise that this is not required. 
This isn’t like other coaching because you don’t have actions to complete so it can feel intangible - and we’re not normally used to that!"
Russell, Strategic Business Development, Systems Technology

Why I love this work

Every time I work with a client it's new and fresh. Each person brings unique experiences and we explore what's really going on in a way that's perfect for them.
It's always fresh and always an entirely tailored experience. Supported by the solid foundation of the constants of how things work. 
These online immersions create the perfect balance for people who can't attend a face to face immersion, but who still want all the benefits.

In this one-to-one online immersion we:

  • Explore how your psychological system really works 
  • We look at life through the lens of what’s really going on
  • We see where you’re working in alignment and out of alignment with the system
  • You gain insights and deep realisations that enable change
  • You leave with clarity to move forward

Before we start we have a coaching session to set the ground for our immersion time together.

After the four days of the immersion we have three one-hour follow-up calls as you integrate your learning into life and see where change is naturally happening.

During the four days we meet on Zoom in the comfort of your own home. As well as having some walking-coaching sessions on the phone.

I provide guidance and advice so you set yourself up to get the most from the experience - treating it as though you were away on a retreat.

We begin on the Sunday afternoon and work through to Wednesday, finishing by lunchtime. Throughout the time we balance coaching sessions with quiet time to reflect and process. 

Your investment includes all pre and post coaching sessions, resources and between-session questions that arise.

Dates for 2020
17th to 20th May 2020
20th to 23rd September 2020

If for any reason money seems a barrier to progressing, please book a call so we can talk. The programme is priced to reflect the impact it has in your life - and at the same time I don't want that to prevent you accessing the work. Lord knows we need more people in the world who are reconnected to their brilliance! By talking - and if the work seems a good fit - we can find a creative solution (content, price or payment structure) that works for both of us.

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