The Realising Your Brilliance Series: weekly calls 16th June to 11th Aug 2020 by Helen Amery
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The Realising Your Brilliance Series: weekly calls 16th June to 11th Aug 2020

In this free 9-session series you get insights into the happiness, security and balance that's universal and available to everyone. If only we'd known they were always there, just hidden by the psychological activity of trying to find them.
Enrollment is closed

What do you want to be different in your life?

Come and join me for this free 9-session series so you can realise the brilliance that's already here, reconnecting to your innate happiness, security and balance
By exploring these areas and seeing what's constant and what's transitory, we naturally realise how our activities until now have been hiding what we've been looking for.
Think for a many approaches, techniques and strategies have you tried so far to find these things consistently? Have they worked? Consistently? My guess is no. So, if you’re ready, join me to find where they really are.
We start on 16th June at 7pm GMT and run weekly from there. Each call is 1 hour and you come to the ones you want to join.
When you sign up you get access to all 9 sessions automatically and we remind you when each one is coming up - then you just join the ones you want to.
After the call – whether you attend or not – you get the recording of my intro to the topic (so the first 20 mins or so of each call). This leaves the Q&A and discussion  private to those who join the call live.

What do others say about this work?

“So many of my thoughts and time were spent processing and trying to fix or alter situations. Now I realise this is not required”
“Helen's a brilliant coach and facilitator. She really knows her stuff. She creates a warm, safe space for honest conversations.”
“I am living less in my head and less with stories. I’d recommend this for anyone who wishes to get time and energy back in their life, whether at home or at work”

What are the topics?


Call 1 - In my mind – the foundations of where happiness really is and how we lose sight of it. 

Call 2 - With other people whether it’s a partner, spouse, friend, colleague, boss or family member, other people seem to let us down, frustrate us, not make us happy – not like we thought they would. Let’s find the real happiness behind being with others. 

Call 3 - With what I’m doing finding purpose or meaning is seen as the route to happiness but is it really? When does it stop being that? How do we even know if this is our purpose? Let’s find the real happiness behind work, parenting and other things we do.  


Call 4 - In my mind – the foundations of where security really is and how we lose sight of it.

Call 5 - With other people – when we rely on others to make us feel secure we’re living on shaky ground. When we wait for praise or recognition or appreciation as the thing to tell us we’re doing OK, we’re trapped. If we think we need others’ to listen to us and take us seriously – we'll keep being disappointed. Let’s find the real security behind relationships. 

Call 6 - With what I’m doing all our lives we’ve been taught that work is important and makes us valuable to society. But did you know that the church introduced the idea of a working week to make people go to the factories? Prior to that, when they didn’t need money, they didn’t work. Let’s find the real security behind work and parenting.


Call 7 - In my mind – the foundations of where balance really is and how we lose sight of it.

Call 8 - With other people – pulled from pillar to post? Work needs me, kids need me, friends need me, then there’s the house, the garden, the endless admin. No balance will be found when we stay immersed in the stories of time and capacity and ‘too much to do’. Let’s find the real balance behind life.

Call 9 - With what I’m doing – there’s a common tension between being an operator and being strategic. Doing what needs to be done right now vs looking up and ahead to plan for the future. Oh and I’m meant to do self-care too! How will we ever find the time to do the longer-term or create space for ourselves? Let’s find the real balance behind the now and the future.

Find out more

This short intro tells you what you will realise through this exploration, and orientates you to where we'll be looking to see this.

What will the calls be like?

It’s not a one-way diatribe! I start with sharing about the topic and how I see it – which is usually pretty differently to the mainstream – and which is also the only way to real freedom from these challenges that show up in life and which have seemed to keep people trapped for decades.
After that, we get into discussion. You ask questions, share your experiences, and we discuss. Sometimes we might have breakout groups for smaller group discussion before coming back together to enrich the learning. My job is to keep pointing towards the freedom available, like a tour guide showing you the sights you haven’t noticed before – but which in fact have always been there.
If you’re concerned you’re more of an observer than discusser then these live conversations are still for you – there's something different about being there for the real thing – but there is no requirement for you to speak, including in the breakout rooms. The deal is we respect each other and respect the part we want to play on the day.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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