Want to do some self study first? 5 day course: Rediscover Your Innate Brilliance by Helen Amery

Want to do some self study first? 5 day course: Rediscover Your Innate Brilliance

So many courses, so much coaching, so many books!
And still I keep bumping into the same old problems.
So try here.
All our lives we’ve had a feeling of being not quite enough and we’ve been taught to work hard to fix ourselves. 
This is an invitation to see where innate brilliance has always been.

What do I get in this course?

5 days of pre-recorded videos (about 10 mins each) direct to your in-box. 

It introduces you to the work of rediscovering your innate brilliance so you can find out if it's something for you.

Why this

I was in my 20’s when I was introduced to the idea of self-development. At work I started getting feedback – some of it felt like punches in the guts – and then development was offered to fix the parts of me that were apparently broken or wrong.
One amazing boss gave feedback in a heart-led way, but still the undercurrent was to make me ‘better’ – and that being ‘better me’ was attached to performance reviews and promotions and money. Which looked necessary - and another reflection of whether I was good enough.
Inevitably from that understanding I worked hard to improve, wanting the good performance reviews and promotions. Clearly also in competition with others’ around me - only so many promotions and money to go round afterall. Plus I wanted to do a good job and I wanted to make a difference - those things would also apparently make me a better me.

So what is this work?

In this work – in all the workshops and coaching I offer – we explore all of that.

We explore these ideas of work and of making a difference and life in general. We explore the idea of who you think you are and who you really are and you rediscover your good-enough-ness - your innate brilliance.

What's in it for you?

This 5-day course introduces you to all of this, shifting your attention from the Content of life to the Innate Brilliance we already are, which just gets hidden by Programming from time to time.
  • You learn why you keep having repeating patterns in your life.
  • You find out where your brilliance really is – hint – it’s not where we’ve all been told before!
  • And you learn the mechanics of the whole system so you experience more of your brilliance.
Together we cover: 
  1. What it’s like now – the kind of experiences that you might be in right now
  2. Why it’s like this – exploring the nature of the system at play
  3. Getting tired of the same old movie – why repeating patterns show up and how, until now, we’ve been sent in the opposite direction to ‘solve’ these
  4. The missing peace – connecting into innate brilliance and recognising what’s always been available
  5. Collecting and integrating – bringing it all together

How does it work?

When you click to buy (for free) you’ll set up an account. Through that you’ll access each day’s recordings, which you then have lifetime access to.
The content is released a day at time so you get time and space between each one to process what you’re hearing.
You’ll also get an email each day to remind you the next day’s content is there - this helps to stop the course from ending up forgotten in a dusty old online learning drawer :)


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