Weekly Connection Calls by Helen Amery

Weekly Connection Calls

This is for you if you want to dip your toe in the water of this work or if you want a low cost way to benefit from the exploration.

Each week the call is based on the topic in the newsletter, diving deeper into seeing what's really going on, who we really are and where security, balance and happiness really are.

What do I get on these calls?

Based on the newsletter topic of the week, each call starts with me introducing the topic:
  • how we're suffering because we've become lost and confused in our experience of the topic
  • where freedom is
  • how we rediscover freedom

After my intro we open into questions based on your own experiences of the topic and I guide an exploration into what's true and what's illusory.

It's in this clarity that we find ourselves living a more grounded and fulfilling life because we're no longer battling with ideas and imagination.

Each call is one hour on Zoom - Thursday 7pm UK / 2pm EST / 11am PT

These calls aren't recorded but you're welcome to join and just listen if you prefer to sit back and absorb.

Next call - 24th September 2020 - The wonder of wandering
We'll explore the mechanism of the mind that stops us hearing our innate brilliance - the provider of the perfect wisdom for us - and what gets us aligned with it more of the time.

Why join these calls?

If you're curious about why life is the way it is and who you really are then this is for you.

The bonus is that, the more we explore these questions, the more we find what we've been looking for our whole lives - the sense of security, balance and happiness that we know is available - we've just been taught to look in the wrong place.

When we explore together we discover more.

How do they work?

We meet at Thursday 7pm UK / 2pm EST / 11am PT on the zoom link that gets emailed to you when you buy.

I start by sharing about the topic - broadening it out from what was in the newsletter (PS - don't worry if you haven't been able to read the newsletter before the call.)

Then you share examples from your own lives, bring questions about the topic from your own experience, bring your personal challenges where you want things to change.

OR - if you're more of an observer and absorber - just come to listen to the conversation.

The calls are only recorded in case there are bits I want to post of me on YouTube. Nothing else goes anywhere, so it's all live, confidential and perfectly in-the-moment for the people who join the call.

So if you're in, click Buy at the top and I look forward to seeing you.

Each week there's a fresh Zoom meeting room so you come here and buy your spot each time you want to join and we'll send you the new link.

Once you've paid we email you all the info including the zoom link for the week.

Given the low cost, these calls are non-refundable.
Image credits:
Melissa Askew and Shane Rounce both on Unsplash