Live Group Programme: What’s really going on? by Helen Amery

Live Group Programme: What’s really going on?

What's brought you to here?
Maybe you're fed up with life and you're asking 'is this it?'
Maybe you're tired of having to think positive and keep yourself upbeat.
Maybe you've done loads of self-development and still something's missing.
This exploration into what's really going on shows you where everything you've been looking for is found.
This course will open for enrolment once we have 5 people ready for it - it's a join-by-agreement course so we both know you're ready for it before you click 'buy'.

If we've not spoken yet, read through and then book a call with the button near the end so we can chat and make sure this is the right next step for you.

What is this programme?

This is a deep dive programme into the nature of reality and the nature of our human experience so that we wake up and start living from innate brilliance.

Given the fact this course goes deep, fast - challenging what we've previously believed to be true - enrollment is only through conversation and agreement.

So step 1, read the info here to see if it sounds like it's for you.

If it does, step 2, book a free 30 min Discovery Call so we can discuss and make sure it is the right next step. The button to book a call is towards the end.

It would be great to have you be part of it.

Why this programme?

The further we go through life the more we're confronted with levels of change that make the beliefs we’ve held to be truths crumble at the edges.
This can feel scary, overwhelming, stressful, frustrating, depressing, hopeless – everything we’ve been trying to avoid in our lives.
And – without somewhere else to look – we can go deeper and deeper into trying to fix and control the world to make ourselves feel OK, secure or happy again. That is an endless task.
If you’ve been feeling exhausted, it’s because going in that direction is using energy in a place where real change doesn't happen. It's like a shadow fighting itself.

All these years we’ve been taught to look in the wrong place for happiness, security and balance.
Now, this programme shows you where to look that nobody’s told you before.
Happiness, security and balance have always been here – and still are – just hidden by our busy-ness to find these things in the world of people and possessions and work and activities and money and self-improvement.
This course shows you where real security and real happiness are to be found.

This is perfect for you if

  • You’ve reached a stage of life that has become too challenging or confusing and you want help to make real sense of it
  • You’re tired of all the usual self-development and positive-thinking routes
  • You’re sure there must be an easier way – you're just not sure what

Listen to what Garry thought of the course

What you get

We’ll explore together in a group – it’s a maximum of 5 delegates so we build strong connections.
In each session I guide you to see where real happiness, real security and real balance are found and we discuss together, exploring with examples from your own life.

We start with a deep dive into the science that shows this life we're living is not as it appears to be and that what we've taken to be real, is in fact illusory. From there we can begin to rediscover what's real. What's constant and true.
Through this you get to see things fresh for yourself about how your experience of life is created, and who you really are behind all that. Your innate brilliance! The source of real happiness, real security and real balance.

Success stories

"Helen's a brilliant coach and facilitator. She really knows her stuff. While some of what she's teaching on this course can challenge your preconceptions about how life works, she understands this and creates a warm, safe space for honest conversations. I came away with genuine insights into how to live with more clarity, creativity and compassion."
Andrew, Coach and Creative Consultant
"I am living less in my head and less with stories. I’d recommend this for anyone who wishes to get time and energy back in their life, whether at home or at work."
Garry, Strategic Account Manager, Chemicals Industry
"The safety and ease in the group, which Helen created immediately, was brilliant and I had no qualms at all in bringing very difficult subjects to the group.  
I have gained a level of peace and calm which has often been illusory and a deep sense of trust in whatever happens next.
This is an experience, not a course. If you are constantly getting in your own way, or letting others do that too, then you might find relief in setting yourself free."
Jayne, Executive Coach

How will it work?

We meet live on Zoom for an hour twice a week. The calls are recorded and you have lifetime access to them. 
I also provide resources for you to explore between sessions, tailored to our discussion so it’s all perfectly designed for your group.
The group is confidential so whatever gets shared stays with the group and we build strong relationships and connections.
To respect the learning for yourself and your fellow explorers make sure you can attend at least 80% of the calls before signing up.
All times are GMT but you can join from anywhere. 
This is how we run. Each call is 1 hour:
Week 1
Meet up and set up
Week 2 
What’s really going on?
What’s true?
Week 3
Creating our experience
What’s before thought?
Week 4
What gets in the way – part 1
What gets in the way – part 2
Week 5
How do we navigate life?
Connecting and integrating
At £379 this course is incredible value. A rich, exploration and the next best thing to having one-to-one time with me.

This is an in-at-the-deep-end course which is hugely valuable because you get traction on what's stopping you connecting to your brilliance - AND it's essential we have a conversation to make sure it's right for you.

So if you think this might be for you, please book a discovery call below and let's talk.

Once we have 5 people ready to go, we'll schedule dates and get going!
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Have questions?

If you’re unsure if this is for you or if you have questions, use the chat or book a free Discovery Call.